adopting with us

a thorough process

We strive to make the process of adopting a dog as easy as possible, however, we ensure our rescues go to families looking for companions, not objects. We have a process that is easy to follow and that is what we are here for.

select and learn

Apply for a husky

Once you have chosen or met the husky click on the application link below their profile. After submitting your application, please allow 5-7 business days for it to be initially reviewed. Once your application has been reviewed, someone from our administration team will contact you to start the vetting process.

Do know that our team-members are all volunteers and at times things move slower, like during holidays, where full-time employment takes precedence.

Home Visitation

Like preparing for a new baby, taking on a Siberian Husky is a life changing experience. We visit and assess the environment to help you determine if there are things that may cause problems not just for the husky but for you in regards to the husky's behavior traits.

While we have suggestions, We want you to be ready for the changes that will/need to happen for adjusting to the arrival of a new family-member.

Time to think

Due to the influx of abandoned Siberian Huskies, our passion is to make sure each one has a permanent home. Take a few days to think about life with a new husky. Make sure other family members are part of the decision process as well. We want everyone to live harmoniously! If you know that THIS IS YOUR FAMILY'S HUSKY, then we move on to Adoption!

We want the husky you choose to stay in the family and never be neglected or surrendered again. Rescues go through so much trauma and ensuring that this be the last adoption is important to us.

Adoption Day

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.

Time to lay some ink on the skins of trees and get your husky home. We will have everything you need all packaged up and ready for you to take home.

May the new addition to your family live happily furever after!

Adoption Fees


Puppies under 1 y.o.


Young pups over 1 y.o / Adults / Seniors

We want life with your new husky to begin with as few issues possible. We make sure a few things come with your companion.

  • Up-to-date medicals
  • Spayed / Neutered
  • Micro-chipped
  • Fitted harness / strong leash

Adoption fees are non-refundable.

If your choice in husky is not suitable, surrender the pup back to us & we will work in finding the right one!

After adopting your family are now Louisiana Husky Rescue Alumni. Welcome to the family!

We have an alumni community where we like everyone to gather, share photos and stories of how the pup is doing. Not only are the adopting families there, but members of the LAHR team are there as well. Also surrendering owners that had the pup before you are there as they want to see the life of the pup continue.

One big happy family!

frequently asked questions

Yes, you can! We feel that a Siberian Husky can be with many different individuals. With that said we highly suggest first time owners to view the dog library we have available here and get familiar with the basics about the breed.

During the vetting process any and all questions you may have should be brought up in discussions. Also if you pass the application process and adopt from us, we have the alumni community where others can help you with your new companion if husky behaviors give you trouble.

Unfortunately we do not have a place for the public to interact with our pups. We are a foster-based rescue and our pups are in homes across the state. Only applicants that have passed our vetting process can have scheduled meets with the pups in mutually agreed upon public spaces.

Initially, allow 5-7 business days for your application to be reviewed. Once reviewed you will get a status update from us.

Once applicants receive a "vetting" status, the process has an undetermined time-frame as we rely on the responses from references and veterinarians that we contact. Communication is key and when we have applicants with points of contact that are unresponsive, the application is unfortunately denied.

Not from us! While having a fence is a perfect way to manage pups from running off willy-nilly; we do not require anyone's yard to be fenced in. Do note that families must understand that huskies are escape artists, are very mischievous, are runners and huskies are super active!

Having that fence helps.

We can. We want to keep huskies out of shelters! We have a surrender form found in the navigation menu at the top of the page. Do know that taking in pups is dependent on placement availability in our foster network. We do ask if you can foster the pup, as it helps us when we have no fosters available. From that point we take custody and work to find the pup a new home!

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