A means for statewide rescue efforts with a transport vehicle

"Balteaux", a cajun twist on THE famous Husky, Balto, the sled leader that saved a town in need; will be the name of our rescue vehicle. Driving around in Balteaux, we will be able to rescue huskies from shelters, neglected homes, and save those wandering the streets. We will be better equipped to look after special needs huskies, huskies who are between homes, huskies we are adopting out, and help with other organizations partnered with Louisiana Husky Rescue. Equipped with approximately ten comfortable, spacious kennels inside, Balteaux is going to serve human passengers as well. Balteaux will also house everything needed such as food, water and supplies on board. Other features include outdoor tethering points for securing our huskies around Balteaux, for playtime on-the-go and for hosting events. Lastly, Balteaux will spread the word about Louisiana Husky Rescue's Mission with its huge physical presence.

We are ready to move forward with Balteaux immediately, but to do that, we need your help. Our goal is to raise $7,500 to cover the costs of acquiring a bus, get it road ready, mechanically sound, outfitted and on the road. Every dollar counts.

So that we can reach this goal, we kindly request a donation for this project!

We need community support!
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